Landlord & Tenant Investigation Support

Background, credit, criminal and reference checks, assist landlords in decision making on who they rent to.  Protect your investments by checking out individuals or entities.  Make smart business choices!

Tenant Surveillance

Do you have a disingenuous ex-spouse/mate, family member, child, friend, person or employee that shows signs of suspicious activity?  Covert surveillance will give you the answers you need and give you piece of mind.

Gateway Investigation Agency offers discreet covert surveillance operations that we implement into your required investigation.  We collect the evidence that is required to prove fraudulent or inappropriate activity such as employment misconduct, infidelity behavior or a misbehaving teen, etc.  Oftentimes, surveillance is required to capture theft and vandalism of personal or business property.

A customized action plan will be launched to help you in the most cost effective way.

Bad Landlord?  Reverse the roll of a bad tenant, there are bad landlords too.  Do you need to reveal that your landlord is breaking privacy laws or inadequate responsibility to accountability of the property?

Gateway Investigation Agency can assist you with discreet covert surveillance to collect the evidence.  Call today and start your investigation.

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