DNA, Substance Abuse, Poison, Toxin & Cremains Testing

Do you need to know if semen is present on a piece of clothing, a towel, a sheet or any other item?

Or do you need to have an item tested for DNA?

You can have testing done just to know if semen is present but if you need further DNA information, that type of testing can be done as well.

If there is enough DNA present for testing, we can determine if it is male or female.  You will receive a report listing the DNA found and the gender.

  • Semen Detection Testing - present semen only.

  • DNA Detection Testing - present DNA gender.

  • DNA Comparison - Compare DNAs.

DNA Detection Comparison Testing can eliminate all doubt.


The suspected semen and other biological material can be tested for DNA. Then the original test results will be compared to your DNA.  Simply do a cheek swab to determine your DNA and compared it to the other DNA submitted.  Collect the facts - See the truth.

A cheek swab kit, paper bag(s) and submission forms will be provided by Gateway Investigation Agency.

We will instruct you on how to package your items for testing submissions, it is very specific to ensure the samples are not contaminated.

Depending on the type of testing required, results will be ready between 3-14 days.

If you only require to know if semen is present, our semen detection test will answer your question.


Submitting an item for a semen detection test is simple.  Collect the item you want tested and send it to us along with the submission form.


The confidential results will be ready for you in about 3-5 days after the sample is received by the lab.  The result will give you peace of mind whether they are positive or negative but the results are not to be used in legal proceedings.

The courts of Alberta hold the authority to request DNA testing for legal proceedings.

DO NOT disturbed the sample, only handle the item to place it in the envelope or paper bag to ensure the sample is intact.  Handle the item(s) with gloves or a clean dry paper towel.

DO NOT put more than one sample to be tested in the envelope or paper bag.  If you are sending more than one piece of clothing, or a towel, or sheet, etc. for a semen detection test, place each one in a separate bag and label.


If you are sending swabs for the semen detection test, you may place those in an envelope together.

DO wear gloves when handling the sample and mark the area for testing with a Sharpie marker. Draw a circle around the area that contains the suspected semen stain. The lab will require to know the exact area to be tested. 


If the item is large (e.g. sheet, large piece of clothing) cut around the area containing the semen stain, leaving as much room around it.  Remember to wear gloves.

DO NOT send samples for testing that are obviously wet.  Allow thorough air drying prior to packaging. 

DO NOT place the sample in any sort of plastic bag.  ALWAYS use a clean dry envelope or paper bag.  This will protect the DNA on the sample in the event further DNA testing is required further than just semen detection testing.

Saliva testing will detect an enzyme that only exists in human saliva. The test is specific and won’t react to blood, semen, urine, vaginal secretions, or animal saliva. If you just want to know if saliva is present, the test results will be ready within 5-7 days after it arrives at the lab.

As long as an item is handled and stored properly, almost any item can be used for testing.  Always wear gloves or use a paper towel when handling items.  Always keep the items in a dry, cool and out of direct sunlight area.  Always store the items in envelopes or paper bags.

Storing items in plastic traps heat and moisture which can degrade the DNA making it unusable for detection or comparison.

The best items to look for when starting infidelity testing is undergarments as well as:

  • Clothing

  • Bedding

  • Upholstery

  • Carpets

Look for items used to clean up the sexual activity that may have biological evidence such as:

  • Tissues

  • Paper Towels

  • Washcloths

  • Towels

  • Wipes


A woman can have discharge of seminal fluid for up to 10 days after sexual activity.  Condoms will hold obvious evidence inside as well as DNA of the other partner on the outside.  Seminal fluid can be left behind in the vagina even when a condom is used which can be detected on:

  • Undergarments

  • Tampons

  • Feminine Hygiene Pads

Can you discover paternity while pregnant?

As early as 14 weeks pregnant, thanks to new technologies, prenatal testing is now available through a simple blood test.  The non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity testing is based on the comparison of genetic profiles of the fetal cells, the mother’s blood and a sample collected via cheek swab or from a forensic sample, from the alleged father(s).

How are paternity DNA tests done?

A paternity test to determine your child's father, is a simple mouth swab from your child and the alleged father.

Paternity DNA tests are 99.99% accurate once the child's profile is compared to the alleged father's profile.

 Substance Abuse Testing - Drugs & Alcohol

Do you think you’ve been drugged?  Do you think someone you know is using drugs?  Know for sure. We offer two drug tests using hair. 

We assist individuals and businesses.

Poison & Toxin Testing - Human

  • Drinking Water Tests

  • Food Tests for Chemicals, Metals, Saliva, Allergens, Drugs, and Poisons

  • Test For Food Poisoning

  • Hair Test for Metals and Minerals


Poison & Toxin Testing -  Pet

Do you think your dog or cat may have been the victim of pet poisoning? If you have reason to believe that your pet was killed by a type of poison, chemical or drug,

We can test for the 5 most commonly found heavy metal poisons or toxins-arsenic, lead, mercury, chromium, and cadmium.

Cremains Testing

Cremated remains testing can calm any fears you have about the identity of the ashes you’ve received.  You may have many questions.  Are you concerned that you may not have received actual human remains?  Would determining the gender of the deceased calm your fears?  Do you have the ashes of the person you thought you had?

Please request a consultation with an investigator to understand the procedures for this type of testing.

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