Condominium Investigation

"Not all condos are good buys or wise investments!  And not just pre-owned units but new ones too.  To protect yourself in your purchase of a unit, lawyers are just part of the protection equation.  You need to know what is really happening - or you could get badly burned."


Many of the war stories about condos are true. We can show you the court case where an innocent condo unit buyer was ordered to pay court costs of $250,000 at one point in the judicial process to try and save her investment in an unlawful condo unit.


Lawyers are not exempt! We can show you a case where a prominent Canadian law firm was ordered to pay court costs of $900,000 for their unsuccessful defense of a professional negligence action.


In each of the scenarios above, an investigation would have spared years of court battles and the huge cost awards.


What about the reputation and practices of the property manager at the prospective condo?  We can show you a file where the property manager used its' property management agreement to have the condominium corporation pay for its negligence as a property manager.


A private investigation is just as important as the reserve fund analysis and the search at land titles.  When financial institutions are requiring a private investigator's report before advancing funds you know your private investigator is absolutely necessary to give you the critical facts before you commit to purchase in this "BUYER BEWARE MARKET".

Do you have a disingenuous ex-spouse/mate, family member, child, friend, person or employee that shows signs of suspicious activity?  Covert surveillance will give you the answers you need and give you piece of mind.

Gateway Investigation Agency offers discreet covert surveillance operations that we implement into your required investigation.  We collect the evidence that is required to prove fraudulent or inappropriate activity such as employment misconduct, infidelity behavior or a misbehaving teen, etc.  Oftentimes, surveillance is required to capture theft and vandalism of personal or business property.

 A customized action plan will be launched to help you in the most cost effective way.

We assist individuals, businesses, lawyers, insurance companies, oil and natural gas sector, plus more.

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